A guide to choosing the mattress base

Once you have decided that mattress is best suited to your needs, you must choose a base or mattress suitable for it, thus enhancing the qualities of the mattress and will ensure a good rest. We are again the most frequent questions and provide answers to them to facilitate your choice.

Are all bases apply to all types of mattresses? No, you should avoid combining an upholstered base with latex mattresses or foam because they are not properly airearn, creating moisture. Similarly you should not mix the spring with slatted frames, unless they are of the same system of rest.

What kind of mattress sheets are best? Those of wood are the most suitable, with rigid or semi-rigid sheets. The plastics are cheaper but often very fragile.

Why would we opt for a mattress or articulated base? They are suitable for people with circulation problems in legs or breathing problems, because they can raise both the lower and upper. Encounters with manual or electric mechanism.

How are upholstered bases? are composed of a wooden board with metal support padded and lined in a variety of colors and fabrics. They are decorative, but has the disadvantage of not allowing breathability of the mattress.

What are the canapes? the couch, also known as chest or trunk, is an upholstered or wooden base hollow inside, which will serve as a place to store many things. The have four types: spring, with drawers, folding (the base is lifted the mattress), and base slats, ideal for latex.

Are there cases for canapes? You can buy or make a cover for the couch to match the rest of the room, have elastic and simple, or as a skirt that stick to the couch by velcro, so it is easy to and off.