5 modern shades for your windows

From custom drapes to extravagant colors, the curtains models that meet here are a number of common characteristics: innovation, modernity and originality. We encourage you to decorate your room with any of the designs of curtains we have assembled for you.

Decorations to surprise with another world is necessary to break the mold, go beyond the limits and go for new options. Are you ready to risk? Put aside fears and get ready to redecorate your windows with a modern and casual style.

Modern ideas for your curtains

White smoke heavenly

A smart, sophisticated decor that would fit in the bedroom of your children or your own space. The amplitude of the white has always emerged as a popular alternative aesthetic, even better if we add shades of the same color with some opaque seams. The result is great.

Orange Effect

Test the limits of your imagination and add a touch of fantasy that every room needs. It is a vibrant mix who lives with orange panels and a palette of colors like white and black. 100% fashion.


Transform the traditional look of your room and take advantage of the height of the different environments in your home. Choose extra-long curtains that complement the design of your floors. The view is breathtaking.

Classic and wide

If you have a room or room with a classic finish, full use of the structure of each room to innovate in a modern style. The coexistence of both trends is very original, especially if you include curtains for wide windows.

Extreme pink

A youthful style and tender. Pink is the only color you can apply hundreds of times in a single room without losing his magic touch and sweet. In that sense, curtains and bow-shaped clouds can be a good option.

So, what do you think of these 5 modern shades for windows? What do you think of these curtain designs?