A guide to choosing the mattress

A good rest depends in large part on the mattress and box spring or foundation you choose. Given that we spend approximately one fourth of the day in our bed, we pay special attention to the characteristics of this at the time of purchase.

Then we chose the questions that we usually do to better understand these pieces so important:

How often should change mattress? change is recommended every ten years, it loses firmness and flexibility. The time also depends on the care to which they submit both the mattress and foundation.

What characteristics should a mattress for a double bed or marriage? The bodies of people who go to sleep in it are not equal, so it is advisable to have different seating areas, especially if the mattress is spring Other materials such as latex are more stable.

What are the characteristics of latex colochones? The latex may be natural, synthetic or a mixture of both. It is characterized by hygienic and antibacterial, as well as adaptive and non-deformable. It has a longer life, up to 12 years in good condition, and is soft to the touch. Not recommended in wet weather. Must rest on plates for proper ventilation.

What are the advantages of spring? first offer good value for money. Current models are complex networks of springs, made with non-corrodible, lightweight and comfortable. They adapt to different parts of the body. They have an excellent ventilation, so they can rest in all types of bases. The mixed mattresses combine the advantages of latex and springs.

Are mattresses winter and summer? Yes, mattresses are on the market that have a winter face (with a wool finish, usually) and a summer (cotton). So you can flip the mattress depending on the season.

Are there special mattresses for allergy sufferers? Of course, they are treated mattresses to prevent allergies, mite specialist care, aloe-vera (for irritation) or quick-drying, which prevents the binding of the powder.

What model should I choose if I have back pain? A good mattress supports the entire spine when you are face up. The base should yield under shoulders and pelvis, and provide firm support for the lighter areas. Choose a straight but soft to fit the curves of your spine.

What cities need a new mattress? recommendation Professionals aerate a few minutes daily and avoid making up the bed so the mattress can sweat and stay clean longer. It is also convenient to get around four times a year at least to hold its shape.

How should the covers for the mattress? The best covers are cotton, because they allow for cleaning and ventilation. For the cold you can find them more fluffy and warm, quilted or wool.