Attaching a shower curtains

Although the shower curtains can become an important decorative element for this space, the fact is that if you want a quality bathroom more attractive and aesthetic level have no choice but to install a screen.

Yes, because these glass walls will not only be very practical to keep the water out of the shower or tub (thus preventing soiling the floor) but also add points to your bathroom design. Although the materials can be expensive, labor is what usually hurts us more to pay: if you want to mount it yourself at home takes note of the following and install it with your own hands.

This is a step by step to carry out:

1. Place the screen profiles on the wall supporting them in the shower and make several marks on the location of the holes (vertical) with the help of a spirit level.

2. Drill the marks, seals the rear face of the profile with silicone and screw it to the wall.

3. Fits leaves or door of the enclosure in the wall profile making sure everything is perfectly level and, if not, set screws as required.

4. To attach the bulkhead to the shower base either by applying a strip of silicone in the outer part therebetween. Quiet, because then you can cover it with trim.

5. It specifies the upper guide with the same process and, if everything is perfectly level, just placed screws and trims.

6. Once everything is placed must seal all silicone items, nothing happens if you get a little, because its result transparent rubbery allowed to be removed from the surfaces.

Now you have the basis to work with, so you just have to put some of your skill and effort the result will be worth it!