How to earn medals and diamonds in Forge of Empires

As we know, in Forge of Empires the diamonds are the bonus currency, bought for real money. However, there are several ways to earn them in the game. We’ll tell about them in this article (and also see how to gain medals).

As in many modern browser strategies, the game provides the referral reward of the players
for the invitation of friends and acquaintances. If they register in the game through your link (that can be found in the list of invitations), you’ll get 200 diamonds on your gaming account, if the player will reach the Stone Age. You can send the link in the message or just place it on your page on social networks.
The forge of empires cheat is very similar in its storyline and quest tasks to the popular fantasy strategy “Elvenar” from the German developer Inno Games.

The most affordable (and at the same time useful in customizing and gaining experience and rewards) in Forge of Empires is the completion of different quest, for which you can get the precious stones.
Below are the main quests whose performing will bring you the diamonds:

The first quest is in the Bronze Age. Completing the Jester’s task, we get 15 stones or a coin.
In the early Middle Ages you can start to perform the charity tasks, you get 25 after 3 completed quests.
In the High Middle Ages you can also get 25 diamonds after the completion of 3 Jester’s quests from the tradeswoman that will be happy to give you them to get rid of the annoying admirer.
In the Middle Ages you also need build or conquest five different resource buildings to get 25 stones.
If you build 25 dirt roads, you’ll get the same reward as in the previous task.
And if your troops conquer the province of Moravaria, you’ll get 25 stones.
If you have all the units of the High Middle Ages, the reward will be 25 diamonds.

These are all the game quests we know, that can bring you the bonus currency in Forge of Empire.

You can also get the diamonds by activating the code sent to your email inbox during the registration of your game. You must enter your email address in the received letter. If you can’t do it on the first try, contact the tech support. After the confirmation, 40 stones will be credited to your account.


The use of polygraph

Many people seem polygraph as a magic device which is very difficult to cheat. It is used to easily identify who is in front of you – a criminal or a liar.

Of course, the stories about the device have numerous distortions that are created by journalists, in the first place. Many people see the process of working of the detector on the TV screen.

It shows two people: one is sitting on a special chair and wrapped with numerous wires, the other – located behind the polygraph and constantly asks questions examinee. After he is instantly rendered a verdict: guilty or innocent.

In fact, everything is not so. The device simply can not itself assess the guilt of the suspect, it just registers the brain’s response to various events. The use of a detector initially aimed at proving innocence of a person.

The reliability of the data is very high, this percentage is 95-98%. However, it should be noted that these indicators are directly dependent on the skill level of the polygraph, as well as its ability to correctly ask the necessary questions. If eventually the person confesses his guilt, then the test result is increased to 100%.

Sometimes there are situations when the instrument shows one thing, but feeling of a specialist point to the opposite. In such situations, just need to take a little break and then repeat the test if necessary, you can perform additional tests on

It should be understood that the detector test is not a quick process, as it seems from the outside. Sometimes it takes more than two hours per interview. Often a person needs some time for his own reassurance. It should also be understood that each person holds many secrets and not all of them need to work. It is necessary to explain to the person who came to check. Only then he will be able to calm down and he has no fear.

Many people are afraid to test the detector and it is justified reaction. But, in this situation, the fear is of two types: the first fear – the fear of an innocent man to be unjustly accused of any crime, the other – it is an attempt to control yourself, no matter what issue, in the case of the involvement of its various events. But people do not understand the fact that the end result is all the opposite result.


Clothes shopping

With the implementation of casual Friday and the overall relaxed feel at offices, jeans are now being seen around the cubicles with increasing frequency.  Each office environment is different and it is up to you to decide if your office can handle the casualness of jeans. Though a general rule that can always see you through and make sure you look professional is this: dress for the position a level higher than yourself.  If you never see your supervisor wearing jeans, it’s a good bet it would be inappropriate for you too.  But if you can wear jeans, the difference between casual chic and casual is a good fit and wash. Dark denim in a bootcut will never steer you wrong; some great brands that instantly slim and offer full coverage are: Sevens, Joe’s and Citizens (all of which can be found at Macy’s for one stop shopping).

When wearing denim to the office, layers are important to keep the look professional.  Blazers are especially sleek since they are unexpected, and paired with a lacy cami and slim cardigan makes the look feminine and effortless.  With jeans, jewelry can play a huge part: necklaces and bracelets are a great way to be eclectic and boho chic.  Denim can be a fun break away from the usual office attire and remain sleek and styled. 

Outfits by Ann Taylor and Anthropology

Purposely buying business suits and work clothes where several pieces are interchangeable, and can be re-combined into new office outfits, is a clever way to plan a professional wardrobe. Here is an example of 8 garments found at Macy’s, which are all interchangeable, and can be mix and matched in many ways. These 3 suit jackets and 3 bottoms can all be worn together. And the 2 tops can be worn with all of the suit combinations. The trick is to not buy one piece of clothing at a time when you shop – instead you can save the money you would have spent on those single items, and go buy 8 coordinated items at the same time. Some stores purposely plan their collections to make it easy to mix and match items. By shopping for several pieces of work clothes at the same time, you are more likely to end up with a professional wardrobe where many of the garments re-combine into new business suits easily.

Managing a wardrobe budget is not always easy. Knowin what you look good in helps. But spending money on the wrong or right things, can make or break your fashion budget for the year. If you end up with every single garment you buy, being a keeper that you wear and use over and over, then you have spent your money well. But for everytime you have a garment hanging in the wardrobe with the tags still on, consider that you may as well have set the money on fire. Add up the total cost of the bad purchases for the year and consider it potential vacation money down the drain.

It’s especially hard for professional women who have to wear business attire, or casual office outfits like T-shirts Philipp Plein. The garments they buy are more expensive. Therefore, for the professional woman it is even more important that they get something that works with their body type, that can mix and match to create more than one outfit, and is appropriate for their particular work situation. If every single item you buy looks great on you, and gets used on many occations, then the money is well spent.


Getting fast heartburn relief

There is no doubt in my mind that nothing is more uncomfortable as the burning and irritation caused by heartburn. It spoils all the enjoyment of your life and even worse there isn’t much you can do about it. Sure you have an option of eating few antacids or perhaps take some other pill but that rarely do the trick. It may cover your problem for a specific time period but fact remains that it is still present, waiting to make his presence felt again.

Don’t just focus on symptoms

You may be lured to grab some Tums or some other kind of heartburn medicine at first instance, but this would only work if it were a straightforward case of one time heartburn. On the other hand, if heartburn has become more of an issue, it is advisable that you do something which can completely get rid off the heartburn rather than focusing only the symptoms of heartburn.

Natural cures

Few of the natural cures for heartburn that have been widely used for decades are to swallow a spoonful of vinegar. Some of the individual also drink a couple ounces of Aloe Vera juice. This is especially crucial when you are of the view that the heartburn coming on. According to recent study, if you eat raw almonds you can get fast heartburn relief. One must take into consideration the fact that lots of these heartburn cures are totally dependant on the individual. In other word, you never know which one works perfectly for you. Of course there are few brilliant routines for heartburn relief out there that will play a prominent role in assisting you both in the short run as well in long run. One thing which is common about such routines is that they are all natural and work quite fast.

Different approaches

Theoretically speaking, there are three different approaches to manage heartburn. First and foremost, the antacids offer an easy temporary cure. These kinds of medications, more often made of calcium carbonate, aluminum and magnesium, are helpful in neutralizing the acid in the stomach. They act quite quickly, but the only drawback associated with these medicines is that they are effective only for a period of one to two hours.

The second kind of medications for heartburn is the H2 blockers. Drugs such as Cimetidine, Ranitidine, Nizatidine and Famstidine offer relief by suppressing acid production in the stomach. In an ideal scenario, they take about 1 hour to make their presence felt and last up to the time period of 12 hours.

Finally, there is Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPI), which are pretty useful in the treatment of heartburn. Proton Pump Inhibitors such as Omeprazole and Lansoprozole get rid off acid production by interacting with the proton pump in the mucus lining of the stomach at the final stage of acid production. PPI remains effective within one hour and the effect lasts for a day. What’s more, there is also a combination medicine in the fray. It is worth pointing that antacid is known for fast relief while H2 blocker widely being used for longer relief.


Dress Socks

In order the first impression was not spoiled by the man, his appearance has to be perfect. The first thing that spoils the impression is the socks! Incorrectly selected, they may be the reason that man will always be remembered as “that man in white socks with black shoes.” There are a few rules of selection of socks:

Rule one. Selection of the color of Dress Socks.

The color of men’s socks should match the color of the suit, but be a little lighter than the shoes. If the exact color is not possible, the choice should fall on your socks to the tone darker or lighter than trousers.

With jeans one need to wear black socks or socks of blue that are a tone lighter or darker than jeans.

The bright, extreme colors are suitable for leisure or sport.

White socks in business style are excluded, they are designed for sport.

Patterns, cartoon characters, labels are not suitable for business style. Allowed small pattern: moderate English checkwork, corporate logos, dots, etc.

Second rule. Materials.

Among the materials is preferable quality cotton with elastane content for better wearability.
Silk socks are worn only with the suit.

Comfortable combination are such as wool and cotton, silk and cotton. The legs will “breathe”.
Elastic band at the socks should not compress the leg.

Rule the third and subsequent ones.
The socks should be high. Bare legs should not be seen, even if a man sits with his legs crossed.
Socks can not bend and twist.
Bright socks can be worn only at home.
Socks should not be worn with shorts.
Socks should not be worn with sandals.

When buying socks, keep in mind that their size should closely match the size of the feet. In no case buy socks larger, even a little. Otherwise, they will begin to fidget on the leg, gather in the folds of unsightly and can cause irritation and blisters.

It is best to wash socks with soap: if washing with powder you will wash them badly, and socks will keep washing powder particles, it can cause a variety of skin diseases, especially in the summer.


Large feet socks

Socks – an important thing of a man’s wardrobe

Socks must be combined either with shoes or with trousers, although a conservative point of view requires a combination of it with pants. Black socks are almost always win situation if you have on black shoes. Dark blue, dark gray, dark olive and brown socks fit to trousers / suit of appropriate color. Light gray, light olive and beige are not common colours, suitable only for light summer pants and brown shoes of not very dark tones. White socks are best avoided altogether.

Socks of very original colors have a low potential for compatibility, that’s why of their versatility tends to zero. Never combine large feet socks with bright and / or patterned shoes and / or bright and unusual trousers, otherwise your entire ensemble seems too motley and intrusive.

It is important to buy the socks of your size. Too big socks slip with feet and going into a kind of accordion, and too small are too stretched; as a result their service life is reduced. As a rule, it is sufficient to tell the seller your shoe size, and he will show you the appropriate size of socks. Socks “one size» it is not desirable to buy by the owners of very large or, conversely, small feet.

Socks differ not only in color, material and size, but also in length. There are ultra-short socks (probably the most common), to mid-calf or above the knee (over-the-calf socks). Socks above the knee – a good option for winter, and some people believe this format as the best; socks to mid-calf are most versatile, they do not allow your ankle to seem to outsiders.

Ultrashort socks are not visible of the shoes at all. They are wear usually with sneakers and other athletic shoes. These socks are more hygienic option than no socks. They can be found in an assortment of many sports brands.

I would like to mention the fact that it is often possible to do without socks; in some cases, socks are even unusual to wear. It primarily refers to the sandals and moccasins combined with jeans, and pants-chinos too. With moccasins and sneakers you should usually wear ultrashort socks as entirely without socks, frankly, is not very good – unhygienic.


Panasonic Manuals

LCD TV Panasonic VIERA TX-LR47WT50

The TV housing is fashionably thin— 27 mm according to the manufacturer data. The narrow frontal frame is made of aluminum alloy and covered with black scratch- . The TV matrix is just a few millimeters less than the area, limited by the frontal frame. The screen is dark and smooth, but the efficient anti-glare filter suppresses the reflections inside the screen. On the top and sides, the ends of the screen block are closed with the inserts of aluminum alloy with the smooth surface, and the shift from this insert to the rear panel is covered with the profile made of magnesium-aluminum alloy with the matt surface. The lower part of the screen ends with the patch of clear plastic with the displayed light-guide of status indicator (which is dull; it glows red in standby mode, green — during the work, and blinking, when the TV receives signals from the control panel), illuminated white (you can switch it off in the menu) logo and the IR-receiver of the remote control.

Apart from decorating, this transparent patch has another function— it serves as a part of acoustic system, transmitting sound to the viewer. The frontal loudspeakers of this TV consist of the 8 miniature flat radiators, whose sound go down through the narrow hole between the patch and the housing and are reflected to the front. The additional round loudspeaker on the back panel is responsible for the low frequencies.

The housing, covering the back panel, is made of a thin steel sheet and has a matt light-silver color coating. The interface connectors and plugs are located on the back panel. All plugs are focused in the plane of the screen and directed downwards or sideways. The management buttons are also located on the back panel, closer to the right end. Their use is facilitated by the clue, appearing on the screen right opposite the buttons (when you first press any button).

The set of interfaces in Panasonic Manuals is the same as that of the LCD TV Panasonic VIERA TX-LR42DT50. However, in the TVs of a series WT50, Bluetooth module is used not only for the work with the shutter glasses and a remote control VIERA Touch Pad Controller, but also for the connection of input devices (keyboard) and audio devices (such as the headphones), supporting the profile A2DP.

The in-built sound system transmits medium, high, and even the beginning of the low frequencies very well. It also has the stereo-effect.


Amiibo Price

What is amiibo, how to play amiibo

Amiibo are the figures of characters, which you can download directly in the games, compatible with amiibo. Super Smash Bros. for Wii U can read the information from your amiibo figure and convert this information into the “figure-player” that will join the battle and fight with you or against you!

The figure-players can fight alone and improve their abilities. Depending on the learning process can change not only their abilities, but also the personality of the figure-player that will make every amiibo figure unique.

It is very easy to add the figure-player. To choose the fighter in the mode of smash-fight, you should just touch the NFC-marking with your amiibo figure, and the figure-player will appear in the empty slot of the fighter.

The more your figure-players fight, the faster their level increases. The higher their level is, the better is their ability to attack and defense. The maximum level of the figure-players is 50. The levels of figure-players will grow even faster, if they fight the other toy soldiers.

The figure-players will learn tactics from the stronger opponents. This ability has no maximum level, as your figure-players will be always ready learn from the better soldiers!

The outfit for Amiibo Price that you’ll find in the game will enhance the attack, defense and speed of your figure-players. You can also give your figure-players with three abilities, choosing him an outfit with the special qualities. As for the common soldiers, you can choose the special blows for the figure-players in in Editor.

During the fight, the figure-players will get an equipment and gold that they can give you after the end of the battle!
If you already have the amiibo figure, you’ll need only the game, compatible with amiibo. Using amiibo on Wii U, New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL, you don’t need any additional accessories.

If you want to use amiibo on Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL or Nintendo 2DS, you’ll need an additional NFC-accessory for reading/recording of data.
If you use amiibo in the game with the function of reading/recording, for example, in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, you can use the same figure amiibo in the other games that support only the reading option, like in Mario Kart 8.

However, one amiibo figure can be used simultaneously only in one game support the function of reading and reporting. To use the same amiibo in this game with the function of reading and reporting, you should firstly clear the figure’s data of amiibo, entering the “Settings of amiibo” in the system settings Wii U or in the Settings menu HOME on New Nintendo 3DS and New Nintendo 3DS XL.


Dragon City download

A fan of mobile games certainly knows about one of the most popular applications that have captivated the Android and iOS. Dragon City is incredibly addictive game that combines the endless possibilities of gameplay and incredible high-quality graphics.

The main task will be the cultivation of dragons, but the developers have shown that this process can turn out from quite routine task in an incredibly exciting adventure. The fact is that the player will have to become a true breeder and breed new species of dragons, so we can safely say that you can show all your imagination in Dragon City.

The main advantages are the following features:
Incredibly thoughtful and varied gameplay.
Constant updating of the Dragon.
Many PvP battles.
Colorful and beautiful graphics.
Many missions with valuable awards.
The game is entirely in Russian.

Dragons for every taste

Cultivation of unique species of dragons, whose number exceeds 100 different species, only a small part of the game. You have to pump them, developing not only their skills, but also fighting potential. Thus, even from the most unsightly and cute dragon, you can create a monster that will terrify all enemies.

In the game there are DCPumper of beings. Some rare dragons have the status “legendary”, which makes them extremely powerful. Much attention is paid to the battles that will take place in real time. All battle conducted with other players, because everyone has a chance to show off his collection of dragons. If you download the version for your computer, you will also be able without any difficulty to participate in online battles. Moreover, the game runs without registration.

How to install the game on Windows

Regardless of whether you have an older Windows 7 or newer version of Windows 8, you can still play in Dragon City. For this purpose there is a special emulator that lets you run a mobile application on your computer. It even works on Windows XP, so will not cause compatibility issues with any version of the OS. Everything you need to run the game through BlueStacks emulator, which can be found on our website. Last update allowed to run the application on Windows 10 because you will not encounter any errors or failures.

In general, if you like dragons, fantasy worlds and games with many features and quality gameplay, then this app is sure to become one of the most beloved. The game has everything you need to get positive emotions and good mood.


Latest Manga Release

Dagashi Kashi: Anime vs Manga

Dagashi Kashi is a manga, written by the man under the pseudonym Kotoyama. Over the past six months there was a lot of fuss about manga. The novel with the same name was published in December 2015; in 2016 it was included in the list of mangas that deserve special, and since January the studio Feel (created by the former workers of Pierrot) starts to produce anime, based on this book.

The story takes place in a small city in the prefecture of Chiba (it is not stated in the manga, but clear from the schematic map), probably, about 100 km from Tokyo. The main character of manga, Kononotsu, is the son of the candy store owner and a single successor to his father. But the problem is that he doesn’t want to take over the family business. He wants to be mangaka. It turns out that Kononotsu’s father is a quite famous person business circles, therefore, the large candy company Shirade in Tokyo dreams about such worker. The company owner’s daughter is sent on the mission on recruitment of Kononotsu’s father, but he denied the request. The answer of the shop’s owner was plain and simple: “I’ll agree to work in Shirade, only if my son will agree to take over my shop. Now the task of Shirade Hotaru was clearer than ever, but we have yet to learn if it is easy or not…

Creating anime, the writers have done a great job, — manga is absolutely unsuitable for the full long story. Each chapter of “Dagashi Kashi” has about 10 pages, many conversations about sweets, good jokes. It is easy to read, but the author remembers the main story line only in one of the five chapters. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the anime will be boring if you keep the original story line.

In terms of presenting the Latest Manga Release, you can rarely find such a bold project as “Dagashi Kashi”. Anime and manga are so different that it is better to consider both works as completely independent.