‘Bed Up’ beds to save the space

The bedrooms of small dimensions suitable solutions require the space you have, some of which approach you and a few days with our article about the beds more practical for small bedrooms.

It is in one of these in which we wanted to focus today, and which is one of the latest innovations in bedrooms and could be an ideal solution to lack of space: they are the Bed up beds.

This is bed structures as useful and original , is that even though we had seen disappearing beds with folding systems to the wall we had never raised as an idea of the Bed up: be as comfortable as traditional overnight, but disappear during the day to give you a larger space and comfortable in the room or in the small loft where you live (they are a very good solution for these mini-stories).

How does it can be disappeared from the space? It does not magically, but almost: this simple structure has a lift system that will take the bed to the top of the roof to house them in the same so that it goes completely unnoticed in the eyes of many. Thus, all the lower space will be completely free for other uses during the day (tables, desks, sofas, etc).

The Bed up can be placed at different heights , with feet on the ground to support them or without them and even the possibility of placing a ladder to climb to the height at which we wish to make the mattress.

As expected, a revolutionary innovation like this could not be so easy to get: currently only sold in France by the firm Dcadrages, and prices that hover around the 2,500 .