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Help with Writing Business Research Papers

If you are reading this article then you already know that writing academic papers is difficult, it requires much time and efforts. In order to write a good paper you need to know where to find sources to research, which sources are good and how to cite them properly to avoid plagiarism. It also requires time management to be able to complete the paper on time. This page was written and uploaded to our website to provide you with expert help with writing business research papers, regardless its topic.

Basically, you will find good tips and suggestion that can be applied to writing any type of a research paper or essay, since some aspects of writing and approach are the same.

What makes a good business research paper topic?

It is interesting not only to you but to your audience as well

It was not covered before or there is a serious enough to research it from a different angle

It allow you to form a solid and concise thesis statement

You know for sure your point of view is correct and you can provide clear evidence that would support it

Business paper structure

It is no doubt important to understand and know the structure required for your business paper, but it is not mandatory to start writing for the very beginning. You can start writing with conclusion or any other section that seems to be the easiest to write. Actually, sometimes it is every better to start writing from the conclusion, since you know that the results of your research will be beforehand. Even experienced writers often write the introduction the last, which is okay too.

Title page of your paper

In general the title page should contain your name, the title of your research paper, your faculty information and your research supervisor name. Some research papers style do not require a title page at all, instead they suggest that the paper title should be written on the first page, just before the abstract and introduction.

Research Paper Abstract

The abstract of your research paper should give a detailed description of the research methods that you used; it should explain the sufficiency of the topic and analysis methods. If you conducted any kind of experiments then you should write about them in an abstract. should not contain jargon; it should be free from lexis that might not be clear from an unprepared reader.


Here you should introduce your topics to the reader and make your thesis statement. Make sure your statement is a self-standing unit that clearly expresses your position on the topic. Your thesis statement should be carefully build, since the entire paper will be focused on it.

Research Paper Body

The body of your research paper should tell in details about your thesis statement. Each sentence must be well thought out. Each statement you make should be supported by an evidence or citation.


Your conclusion should summarize everything you wrote in preceding sections of the paper. It should finalize and prove your thesis statement is correct. It should open doors for further topic research.