Buyers Guide – Collagen Supplements

Collagen is an integral and important component in our bodies. It not only helps our skin be flexible and tight, it also strengthens the hair and nails, it reinforces the joints and bones and hardens the soft protective tissue present in our bodies.

And before we rush off to buy it, we must first know that if it Is taken in enormous quantities, it can damage the body rather than help it. That being said, you should always talk to a doctor before rushing to buy a lifetime supply of collagen.

Injected Collagen

First of all, let’s look at the injected collagen. It comes in minute quantities and it is considered a strictly cosmetic treatment. It is injected into the area you want to tighten and does not affect your overall health. This is more or less a waste of time, that is of course if you are looking to improve your health. If you just want to tighten some areas of your skin and want to trick other people into thinking that you are younger than you really are for a small period of time, then this is the choice for you, will collagen supplements tighten my skin.

Collagen Pills

Another innovation in our intake of collagen is represented by the collagen pills. That’s right, some small pills that contain a chemical collagen formula, which disperses into your body after taking it. This is more or less the exact opposite of the injected collagen, because it does not hurt, it does not pose any risk, and it is made strictly to improve health, not the looks.

That being said, the pills will help your joints, bones and tissue, but as far as looks go, only slight changes may occur.

Collagen Cream

The collagen cream has been around for some time now, and it usually helps both the looks and the overall health of the individual. The way it works is by being absorbed by the skin which gains an extra level of elasticity and firmness as a result of the collagen, and gets into the peripheral circulatory system, and from there it manages to reach the bones and joints in the nearby vicinity.

Its effects are limited in strength and time, so if you are looking for something to refresh your skin and firm up your joints, this is a good thing to consider.

Collagen novelty items

It’s hard to place these items into categories, because of the fact that they are either new on the market, concepts, or even too diversified to be able to be sorted.

I’m, of course, talking about those foods and items that have been enriched with collagen, and even though they help out in very small ways, the effects tend to be for a long time because of the fact that the collagen found in them is of natural origin.

Things like Collagen coffee, Collagen suppositories, or even collagen milkshake and collagen tea fit into this category. These products can mainly be found on the Asian markets and can be shipped anywhere on the globe, so if you have a craving for them, you can easily have them delivered on your door step.