Cabinets decoration

In general, most of the areas covered in decorating , as far as aesthetics are concerned, tend to have central theme all the elements that will be viewed by all people who visit a room, because in them we beauty , as well as functionality. Even so, we can not ignore other areas that will not be seen by everyone, but must also be perfect for our comfort.

This may well be the case of cabinets , a fundamental part of every dwelling, which before was not given more importance than the appearance that could have their doors, since it was the part that is seen from the outside, then the opened, and you were in a bar from side to side, and little else. Fortunately, today there are plenty of designs that have fantastic layouts that adapt perfectly to your needs.

Obviously, today I bring the picture does not belong to the enclosure type usually found in every home, but the fact that it has the sliding of clear glass, I greatly facilitates the work, to show how it should be an interior , but have less space, since in the latter, in particular, all distributors are in duplicate. The ideal is to build on work, but there are also furniture stores that sell modules that adapt perfectly to the wardrobe you already have.

Beyond the traditional bar , it is very important to have a space of drawers and a shelf, drawer front can be transparent, which makes it easy to always see whats inside, for its part, the shelves should not have much substance since you end up with accumulating clothes that do not give much use. Similarly, it is important to have an attic , and there are many things that it can store.