‘Bed Up’ beds to save the space

The bedrooms of small dimensions suitable solutions require the space you have, some of which approach you and a few days with our article about the beds more practical for small bedrooms.

It is in one of these in which we wanted to focus today, and which is one of the latest innovations in bedrooms and could be an ideal solution to lack of space: they are the Bed up beds.

This is bed structures as useful and original , is that even though we had seen disappearing beds with folding systems to the wall we had never raised as an idea of the Bed up: be as comfortable as traditional overnight, but disappear during the day to give you a larger space and comfortable in the room or in the small loft where you live (they are a very good solution for these mini-stories).

How does it can be disappeared from the space? It does not magically, but almost: this simple structure has a lift system that will take the bed to the top of the roof to house them in the same so that it goes completely unnoticed in the eyes of many. Thus, all the lower space will be completely free for other uses during the day (tables, desks, sofas, etc).

The Bed up can be placed at different heights , with feet on the ground to support them or without them and even the possibility of placing a ladder to climb to the height at which we wish to make the mattress.

As expected, a revolutionary innovation like this could not be so easy to get: currently only sold in France by the firm Dcadrages, and prices that hover around the 2,500 .


Cabinets decoration

In general, most of the areas covered in decorating , as far as aesthetics are concerned, tend to have central theme all the elements that will be viewed by all people who visit a room, because in them we beauty , as well as functionality. Even so, we can not ignore other areas that will not be seen by everyone, but must also be perfect for our comfort.

This may well be the case of cabinets , a fundamental part of every dwelling, which before was not given more importance than the appearance that could have their doors, since it was the part that is seen from the outside, then the opened, and you were in a bar from side to side, and little else. Fortunately, today there are plenty of designs that have fantastic layouts that adapt perfectly to your needs.

Obviously, today I bring the picture does not belong to the enclosure type usually found in every home, but the fact that it has the sliding of clear glass, I greatly facilitates the work, to show how it should be an interior , but have less space, since in the latter, in particular, all distributors are in duplicate. The ideal is to build on work, but there are also furniture stores that sell modules that adapt perfectly to the wardrobe you already have.

Beyond the traditional bar , it is very important to have a space of drawers and a shelf, drawer front can be transparent, which makes it easy to always see whats inside, for its part, the shelves should not have much substance since you end up with accumulating clothes that do not give much use. Similarly, it is important to have an attic , and there are many things that it can store.


Choosing curtains and blinds that fits the window type

One of the questions we face when it comes to dress a window , is the choice that fits you best, if a curtain or blind and what type.

For the correct choice must take into account the type of room (living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc..), Type (door or window), and of course the size of it.

For example, if what you have is a large window of sliding doors , do not fall into the trap of wanting to make or buy big blinds as it would be very difficult to handle too much weight and would, instead, install multiple blinds up of 1.50 m. wide each. Decntate by folding models and choose lightweight fabrics.

To learn how to calculate the extent of the fabric youre buying for the blind, if as you do. Measure the width and length of the window blinds divide into those who need it. Each measure 10 cm increase it. width and 30 cm. for the bottom hem and to cover the wooden stand.

If instead your windows are tall and narrow , the solution is two shades with great fall on both sides, hang them by rail, which must be covered with plaster, or a gallery, so give the impression that the curtains are hanging from the ceiling, printing an elegant and sophisticated air to your room, ideal couple or even living room.

For small rooms you choose blinds in light, gauzy fabrics like linen or cotton. pachetto model is the ideal type is similar to folding but does not carry rods, making it less rigid.

If you have the obstacle of a radiator under the window , the ideal solution would be a cubreradiador camouflage, blinds or curtains place until the end of the sale and two curtains fall to the ground on both sides, you can pick them with a colorful braces or tie-backs.

In modern environments and cutting edge vertical blinds are quite adequate, allowing graduate the light coming from the outside and control the degree of visibility. The slats of the blinds can be made with a rigid fabric textured frame in the color that best matches your decor. The width of the same should be 9 to 13 cm.

If you are someone who follows the latest trends of fashion in decoration, choose to combine a linen curtain that provides lightness and freshness, combined with a thick curtain of privacy. Choose them in contrasting colors. The result is a very elegant window.


Choosing the ideal furniture for the office

One of the things you should know in order to condition your office according to your means is to have the basic furniture for your best performance. Remember that one of the things you should do is a space that gives you comfort.

Only if you have furniture that does not meet these requirements must change because eventually this will cause inconvenience to the spine , arms, sight and even fatigue or stress.

Furniture must-haves

Among these is the office chair , which has to be adjustable in order to graduate to the size of your back and avoid a future back pain. Also, a good chair should have arms to support your family and a slightly reclined back to give you rest when needed.

You can choose from some ergonomic designs . Most of these chairs have wheels and swivel to facilitate your movement without getting up.

Another basic element is to have a good desk. This should be neither too large nor too small, but must meet certain steps that allow you to accommodate your stuff in boxes, your keyboard, monitor, stationery and watches, pens , almanac, and a place to store your documents or diaries.

The key is to check if you have room to get up and move with ease, so there is looking to place the desk in a downtown area.

Have a closet is ideal for organization and convenience. Preferably one that is going according to your needs and storage space. Once selected, place them near the area where we work to keep moving to other environments.

The computer is an important element in an office, but we need to purchase one that meets the ideal qualities to avoid injury with use. In this case, look for ergonomic keyboards that allow us to support your arms and whose keys are soft to not exert as much force.

Also, the monitor must have a protective screen to prevent damage to your eyes closed and as a lamp on the monitor will help you reduce the extra brightness and rest your eyes.

Finally, take a picture or paint on the walls will make your working hours are not so oppressive. Preference for relaxing landscape or a painting that you transmit joy and calm .

With these tips very clear, you can comfortably choose those elements that are basic and you have to rearrange according to your needs. Of course, keep all the elements that maintain the same color or style and go.


Christmas House Catalog 2016

Just have a couple of weeks so that our homes are filled with light and color decoration magical Christmas , which many major brands as we move forward in their catalogs with a thousand and one items that we will want to take home this holiday season.

Following lines show Ikea, Zara Home and Leroy Merlin today we are dedicated entirely to the Christmas collection of popular chain decoration House , which as the above offers a good variety of styles with all kinds of accessories.

As regards the decoration House offers plenty of different options based on the four color trends of Christmas such as green, red, white (complete with blue or purple) and gold, often some of They combined among themselves in any of the colored lines find all kinds of decorative elements such as beads and ornaments for the tree (stars, hearts, etc..) figurines decorative furniture, various types of candles , centerpieces, boxes retro, blankets, pillows and Even Santa Claus hats for your chairs!

Home course do not forget to decorate the Christmas table , so really cute proposes from textiles such as tablecloths, aprons and cushions for the chair to household items or dishes and glasses, dishes or utensils that stain this time of Christmas colors to add a little more charm to your home decor.

Beyond decoration, House brings all many whims for your home both decorative but also practical: in the Christmas catalog you will find a lot of products and accessories for table and kitchen especially used at this time but as practical all year as a starter or cold cases for your wine or champagne bottles, trays and original present food containers, candle holders, fountains and fondues containers, for example.


Circular shelf from AK47

Who said that the shelves have to be perfect right angles? No one! So why not look a striking, modern building with round shelves?

We had previously seen these clever designs. However, until today I had decided to talk about this circular design shelf. Fresh, fun and very functional.

Want to know more about it? Well read on!

Shelves of AK47

Design Tubola

It is true they have already mentioned many shelvesdesign here. However, one must admit that Tubola is a proposal that quickly captures our attention.

This is a modern design, of course. It is a round shelf , designed to achieve not only interior design really original, but play a much more successful practicality.

The novelty of the Tubolashelves is its size. Can be different sizes of the same model, which gives you the opportunity to place them anywhere in the home of your choice.

You can include it in your living room to the fireplace or wood for your books and ornaments. In the bedroom will be very useful for your clothes, shoes, even makeup. They are also a good idea for the kitchen, to order vegetables or fruits.

What would you like to use one of these circular shelves as storage? Just need to add a table of separation in the center of the circle to increase the bearing surface.

For example, my preference for these shelves would be the bathroom. Now imagine a large wall, decorated with a few circular shelves and arranged towels inside. It would be a really great decorative detail, and a complement rather than functional.

Ah! And of course it is possible adquirit this wonderful design in various colors. Although as we can see more classical tone to be always black and white.

What do you think of this AK47?