From the first time it appeared on the market of the internet communication, it was said that CenturyLink was going to make it big. The prediction was more than accurate.

It is an internet service provider, or ISP for short, one of those companies that really contribute to the improvement of our daily life, bringing internet communication straight into our homes.

With the development of this particular means of communication, a new era began, one in which distances becomes insignificant, even when thousands of miles are involved. The time of response is shrinking too, due to the incredible speed with which data is transmitted.

The internet has an educative role as well, making all kind of information available, in order to satisfy the need for knowledge of both children and adults. From complex information about history, science and civilization to food recipes, movies or cartoons, everything is just a click away.

All these being considered, it is no wonder that, in order to survive on the market, a company needs to act with intelligence, courage and commitment in order to withstand and answer the ever changing needs of its customers.

The company in question has fully proved all these qualities from the very beginning, gaining both the sympathy and approval of its clients, as well as the admiration of its competitors.

This is the main reason why Qwest, another well known name in the field of internet communication providers has gladly accepted the merging offer made by CenturyLink.  As a result, the two companies joined their forces in the effort to provide their costumers with the best services at the lowest prices according to BoringDeals.com.

CenturyLink – The Freedom of Choice

Indeed, you can enjoy freedom thanks to the great variety of options provided by this company. Its offer includes both DSL and wireless internet, because it possesses one of the widest connection areas, being available in many locations all around the country.

The offer can be easily adjusted according to one’s personal needs regarding speed and connection strength. Clients are allowed to choose what type of connection to use, if they prefer wireless internet rather than DSL. All these choices are possible because Centurylink is one of the few companies that provide both types of services.

Speaking of services, internet communication isn’t the only thing you can get from this company. There are also offers that include television, land line phone and mobile phone services. They come as standard packages, with huge discounts and high quality services associated.

There is also the possibility to create new combinations of services, according to each costumer’s personal needs and options. After you decide over the service or package you desire, a meeting between you and a company’s representative will be settled. During this meeting, all the terms and conditions of the contract will be carefully explained, in order to avoid any misunderstandings or future unwanted situations.

Although problems and shortcomings are quite rare, they are promptly solved, in the most efficient manner. The 24\7 available phone customer’s service takes all customer calls, and complaints are solved either online, when it is possible, or by sending a team of technicians at the client’s address.

It does not matter how far you live, there will be always a CenturyLink Internet connection close enough to your location. And if you are interested in finding an ISP for your office, this company is still the best choice you have.

Whether you choose a home or office internet connection, the protection of your identity and data is equally important. With the protection system offered by this provider, you don’t need to worry about anything.

The web programmers and software developers of the company are continuously working to improve it, so your computer’s safety is ensured on long term. Your children will be also able to surf the web safely, since you can monitor their activity and impose the restrictions you find necessary.

Internet communication at high speed, strong signal, optional packages of television and phone services, best protection of your data, competent and dedicated assistance – these are just a few of the attributes that ensured CenturyLink’s well deserved top position in the internet communication field.