Choosing curtains and blinds that fits the window type

One of the questions we face when it comes to dress a window , is the choice that fits you best, if a curtain or blind and what type.

For the correct choice must take into account the type of room (living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc..), Type (door or window), and of course the size of it.

For example, if what you have is a large window of sliding doors , do not fall into the trap of wanting to make or buy big blinds as it would be very difficult to handle too much weight and would, instead, install multiple blinds up of 1.50 m. wide each. Decntate by folding models and choose lightweight fabrics.

To learn how to calculate the extent of the fabric youre buying for the blind, if as you do. Measure the width and length of the window blinds divide into those who need it. Each measure 10 cm increase it. width and 30 cm. for the bottom hem and to cover the wooden stand.

If instead your windows are tall and narrow , the solution is two shades with great fall on both sides, hang them by rail, which must be covered with plaster, or a gallery, so give the impression that the curtains are hanging from the ceiling, printing an elegant and sophisticated air to your room, ideal couple or even living room.

For small rooms you choose blinds in light, gauzy fabrics like linen or cotton. pachetto model is the ideal type is similar to folding but does not carry rods, making it less rigid.

If you have the obstacle of a radiator under the window , the ideal solution would be a cubreradiador camouflage, blinds or curtains place until the end of the sale and two curtains fall to the ground on both sides, you can pick them with a colorful braces or tie-backs.

In modern environments and cutting edge vertical blinds are quite adequate, allowing graduate the light coming from the outside and control the degree of visibility. The slats of the blinds can be made with a rigid fabric textured frame in the color that best matches your decor. The width of the same should be 9 to 13 cm.

If you are someone who follows the latest trends of fashion in decoration, choose to combine a linen curtain that provides lightness and freshness, combined with a thick curtain of privacy. Choose them in contrasting colors. The result is a very elegant window.