Christmas House Catalog 2016

Just have a couple of weeks so that our homes are filled with light and color decoration magical Christmas , which many major brands as we move forward in their catalogs with a thousand and one items that we will want to take home this holiday season.

Following lines show Ikea, Zara Home and Leroy Merlin today we are dedicated entirely to the Christmas collection of popular chain decoration House , which as the above offers a good variety of styles with all kinds of accessories.

As regards the decoration House offers plenty of different options based on the four color trends of Christmas such as green, red, white (complete with blue or purple) and gold, often some of They combined among themselves in any of the colored lines find all kinds of decorative elements such as beads and ornaments for the tree (stars, hearts, etc..) figurines decorative furniture, various types of candles , centerpieces, boxes retro, blankets, pillows and Even Santa Claus hats for your chairs!

Home course do not forget to decorate the Christmas table , so really cute proposes from textiles such as tablecloths, aprons and cushions for the chair to household items or dishes and glasses, dishes or utensils that stain this time of Christmas colors to add a little more charm to your home decor.

Beyond decoration, House brings all many whims for your home both decorative but also practical: in the Christmas catalog you will find a lot of products and accessories for table and kitchen especially used at this time but as practical all year as a starter or cold cases for your wine or champagne bottles, trays and original present food containers, candle holders, fountains and fondues containers, for example.