Circular shelf from AK47

Who said that the shelves have to be perfect right angles? No one! So why not look a striking, modern building with round shelves?

We had previously seen these clever designs. However, until today I had decided to talk about this circular design shelf. Fresh, fun and very functional.

Want to know more about it? Well read on!

Shelves of AK47

Design Tubola

It is true they have already mentioned many shelvesdesign here. However, one must admit that Tubola is a proposal that quickly captures our attention.

This is a modern design, of course. It is a round shelf , designed to achieve not only interior design really original, but play a much more successful practicality.

The novelty of the Tubolashelves is its size. Can be different sizes of the same model, which gives you the opportunity to place them anywhere in the home of your choice.

You can include it in your living room to the fireplace or wood for your books and ornaments. In the bedroom will be very useful for your clothes, shoes, even makeup. They are also a good idea for the kitchen, to order vegetables or fruits.

What would you like to use one of these circular shelves as storage? Just need to add a table of separation in the center of the circle to increase the bearing surface.

For example, my preference for these shelves would be the bathroom. Now imagine a large wall, decorated with a few circular shelves and arranged towels inside. It would be a really great decorative detail, and a complement rather than functional.

Ah! And of course it is possible adquirit this wonderful design in various colors. Although as we can see more classical tone to be always black and white.

What do you think of this AK47?