Clothes shopping

With the implementation of casual Friday and the overall relaxed feel at offices, jeans are now being seen around the cubicles with increasing frequency.  Each office environment is different and it is up to you to decide if your office can handle the casualness of jeans. Though a general rule that can always see you through and make sure you look professional is this: dress for the position a level higher than yourself.  If you never see your supervisor wearing jeans, it’s a good bet it would be inappropriate for you too.  But if you can wear jeans, the difference between casual chic and casual is a good fit and wash. Dark denim in a bootcut will never steer you wrong; some great brands that instantly slim and offer full coverage are: Sevens, Joe’s and Citizens (all of which can be found at Macy’s for one stop shopping).

When wearing denim to the office, layers are important to keep the look professional.  Blazers are especially sleek since they are unexpected, and paired with a lacy cami and slim cardigan makes the look feminine and effortless.  With jeans, jewelry can play a huge part: necklaces and bracelets are a great way to be eclectic and boho chic.  Denim can be a fun break away from the usual office attire and remain sleek and styled. 

Outfits by Ann Taylor and Anthropology

Purposely buying business suits and work clothes where several pieces are interchangeable, and can be re-combined into new office outfits, is a clever way to plan a professional wardrobe. Here is an example of 8 garments found at Macy’s, which are all interchangeable, and can be mix and matched in many ways. These 3 suit jackets and 3 bottoms can all be worn together. And the 2 tops can be worn with all of the suit combinations. The trick is to not buy one piece of clothing at a time when you shop – instead you can save the money you would have spent on those single items, and go buy 8 coordinated items at the same time. Some stores purposely plan their collections to make it easy to mix and match items. By shopping for several pieces of work clothes at the same time, you are more likely to end up with a professional wardrobe where many of the garments re-combine into new business suits easily.

Managing a wardrobe budget is not always easy. Knowin what you look good in helps. But spending money on the wrong or right things, can make or break your fashion budget for the year. If you end up with every single garment you buy, being a keeper that you wear and use over and over, then you have spent your money well. But for everytime you have a garment hanging in the wardrobe with the tags still on, consider that you may as well have set the money on fire. Add up the total cost of the bad purchases for the year and consider it potential vacation money down the drain.

It’s especially hard for professional women who have to wear business attire, or casual office outfits like T-shirts Philipp Plein. The garments they buy are more expensive. Therefore, for the professional woman it is even more important that they get something that works with their body type, that can mix and match to create more than one outfit, and is appropriate for their particular work situation. If every single item you buy looks great on you, and gets used on many occations, then the money is well spent.