CPAP Machine Cost

CPAP machines generally require a physicians prescription to be presented to a CPAP machine distributor or supplier. However, like just about anything else see that machines are widely available on the Internet. One of the first things any sleep apnea patient will want to know once a CPAP machine has been prescribed is how much does a CPAP machine cost. And while that is very important it should not be the most important factor in purchasing a CPAP machine.

Setting airflow pressures on your CPAP machine for an individual patient should be completed by your physician. Purchasing a CPAP machine in a secondary market and or on the Internet is ill advised without a prescription. Yes it can be done and used machines are readily available on most auction sites and some forums.

Your health insurance coverage will generally pay for the cost of your CPAP machine. There are many legitimate vendors for CPAP machines on the Internet, but they will require a prescription prior to shipping your machine. CPAP machines cost range from $300 to thousands of dollars, depending on your need and set up. While a basic machine may supply air to your blocked air passage more sophisticated setups might include oxygen supplements and humidifiers. These options obviously adds to the cost of your CPAP machine. Click here for more info soclean 2 cpap cleaner & sanitizer machine.

Additionally having a machine prescribed by a doctor will allow the doctor to make adjustments that are unique to you, the patient. Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of people and should not be looked at as anything less. Your CPAP machine should be set up by your physician exclusively for you. With prescription in hand then you can begin to shop for the best price on CPAP machines either in your hometown or on the Internet. Purchasing CPAP machines is very much a get what you pay for business, so dont take unnecessary chances. Rather than ask yourself how much a CPAP machine cost, ask yourself what am I really saving by not having my CPAP machine and my condition monitored by a physician.