Cracked Pepper Steak

Recipes from the big food monster

Ingredients: (per portion)
1 x 9oz rib-eye steak, preferably Devon Ruby Red
a knob of butter
1 banana shallot – very finely chopped
1 tblspn chopped parsley
1 tspn cracked black pepper
1 tspn green peppercorns – squashed
1 shot of brandy
4 fl oz dark veal or beef stock
3 tblspn double cream
another knob of butter


1. Season the steak on both sides with salt and pepper. Place a frying pan over a medium high heat then add the steak, stood on its fat. This will render some of the fat into an oil in which we will cook the steak, which is all good. When the oil is running and the fat has browned, turn the steak onto its opposite edge and cook for 30 seconds, then repeat on both ends.

2. Turn the steak onto one of its cut sides and cook for 4 minutes then turn over and cook for a further four minutes. Remove to a plate to rest.

3. Add a knob of butter to the pan
then add the shallots and cook until beginning to soften.

4. Squash the green peppercorns a bit with the back of a spoon and add to the pan along with the cracked pepper. Cook for a minute or so but do not burn.

5. Add the brandy and step back – chances are it will immediately burst into flames, which is exactly what we want it to. The French call this a flambĂ©.

6. Add the stock, bring to the boil and simmer until thickened.

7. Add How to reheat steak , parsley and any juices from the rested steak. Bring to a simmer, check the seasoning and add a pinch of salt if necessary, then stir in a knob of butter. Place the steak on a warm plate, spoon the sauce over and serve with chips.