Different types of rice cooker on the market

While you are looking for a rice cooker, there are a variety of price ranges and different options to select from like other kitchen appliances. You may be lost with so many choices and could possibly ask yourself which one is the best rice cooker for me. To get started, let’s take a look at some major types.

The conventional rice cooker is called no-frills rice cooker, it is also known as traditional rice cooker with simple functions, normally there are only two buttons (on/off) with it. It will cook the rice simply, then turn the heat element off at a certain inner temperature and stay in a warm mode which will keep the rice warm and fresh. You may find that there are no other features with it and the price is very affordable, generally the price of it is from $20 to about $100.

Fuzzy-logic or Micom rice cooker

The fuzzy-logic rice cooker contains a computer chip which provides more powerful features than the conventional, these features allow the users to cook different types of rice, such as white rice, brown rice, sushi and others. Generally, fuzzy-logic rice cookers come with multiple settings, sensors and warming functions, some of them give you more powerful functions which provides advanced cooking options to automatically adjust heat and monitor cooking status with artificial intelligence technology. Most of the digital rice cookers are made by Japan companies. With more features and powerful functions, they are more expensive than the traditional, a rice cooker which has basic level micom fuzzy logic costs about $100, while a rice cooker which has induction heating pressure function will cost you almost $200 to $400.

5 things you should consider before buying a rice cooker!

Please remember the best rice cooker is the one that fits your requirements at an reasonable price you can afford, it may not be the newest model or the one with a lot of new functions, but it fulfills all your needs. Below are a few points that you should consider before choosing a rice cooker, they are very helpful to your decision, so you should ask yourself these questions before buying a rice cooker.

1) What kind of rice would you like to cook with it?

types of riceIt’s very obvious that you must know the type of the rice or grain you will cook frequently with the rice cooker. After knowing this quite basic and fairly important factor, it will help you to search the right type of rice cooker you really need. For example, a rice cooker that is best for cooking white rice may not be the best one for brown rice. Keep this in mind, a best rice cooker is the one that will work very long to fulfill your cooking needs, not for your personal showing off.

2) How many people’s rice are you preparing?

how much rice do you eat?At first you need to know how much rice one of your family members normally consume, then calculate how much rice you need to prepare for the whole family. For most individuals, one cup of uncooked rice is usually enough. Therefore, 3 cup rice cooker is best suited for a small family, couples and singles, 5 cup rice cooker is better for 4 to 7 people at a time. If you are preparing more than 7 people’s food at a time regularly, then an 8 cup or 10 cup rice cooker is a better choice. When shopping, this is a key factor to consider. It’s not smart to buy an 8 cup rice cooker for a small family of 3 people or a rice cooker that can’t feed your family at one time, so you should make a right choice depending on your family’s consumption.

3) How big is the rice cooker?

You also should consider how big the rice cooker is and how much counter space you have, although this is not an important buying factor. Some people have the experience that the rice cooker they bought is too large for their counter. Even if some rice cookers have familiar features and functions, the sizes of them may vary from each other, so you should consider the size. Generally a small size rice cooker is enough for a small family.

4) Which functions and features do you really need?

If you cook rice less than once a week, then a conventional rice cooker that has fewer features is really a good choice, because it do the job of rice cooking well with a reasonable price. If you are a busy 9 to 5 and need to take care of the food for your family, then a fuzzy-logic product can do you a big favor, you can set it to cook at a specific time with a timer function and then it will do the rest job. There are many features out there, you should choose those that you really need and would use frequently.

5) What is your budget?

The last key point you should consider is the price of the rice cooker. The more functions and the more features it has, the more expensive it is. If you plan to get a rice cooker with a small budget under $100, then a traditional rice cooker is a quite great for you. If you need a more powerful rice cooker that can cook different types of rice for you automatically, then you could consider buying a smart digital rice cooker which will cost you about $100 to $300. If you have a fixed budget, you need to narrow down your research results and potential choices, it’s fairly easy to get the search results with Amazon and other online shops. After answering above questions, I think you probably know what kind of rice cookers you need, a good one will work for you for many years and bring you much happiness.