Dragon City download

A fan of mobile games certainly knows about one of the most popular applications that have captivated the Android and iOS. Dragon City is incredibly addictive game that combines the endless possibilities of gameplay and incredible high-quality graphics.

The main task will be the cultivation of dragons, but the developers have shown that this process can turn out from quite routine task in an incredibly exciting adventure. The fact is that the player will have to become a true breeder and breed new species of dragons, so we can safely say that you can show all your imagination in Dragon City.

The main advantages are the following features:
Incredibly thoughtful and varied gameplay.
Constant updating of the Dragon.
Many PvP battles.
Colorful and beautiful graphics.
Many missions with valuable awards.
The game is entirely in Russian.

Dragons for every taste

Cultivation of unique species of dragons, whose number exceeds 100 different species, only a small part of the game. You have to pump them, developing not only their skills, but also fighting potential. Thus, even from the most unsightly and cute dragon, you can create a monster that will terrify all enemies.

In the game there are DCPumper of beings. Some rare dragons have the status “legendary”, which makes them extremely powerful. Much attention is paid to the battles that will take place in real time. All battle conducted with other players, because everyone has a chance to show off his collection of dragons. If you download the version for your computer, you will also be able without any difficulty to participate in online battles. Moreover, the game runs without registration.

How to install the game on Windows

Regardless of whether you have an older Windows 7 or newer version of Windows 8, you can still play in Dragon City. For this purpose there is a special emulator that lets you run a mobile application on your computer. It even works on Windows XP, so will not cause compatibility issues with any version of the OS. Everything you need to run the game through BlueStacks emulator, which can be found on our website. Last update allowed to run the application on Windows 10 because you will not encounter any errors or failures.

In general, if you like dragons, fantasy worlds and games with many features and quality gameplay, then this app is sure to become one of the most beloved. The game has everything you need to get positive emotions and good mood.