Dress Socks

In order the first impression was not spoiled by the man, his appearance has to be perfect. The first thing that spoils the impression is the socks! Incorrectly selected, they may be the reason that man will always be remembered as “that man in white socks with black shoes.” There are a few rules of selection of socks:

Rule one. Selection of the color of Dress Socks.

The color of men’s socks should match the color of the suit, but be a little lighter than the shoes. If the exact color is not possible, the choice should fall on your socks to the tone darker or lighter than trousers.

With jeans one need to wear black socks or socks of blue that are a tone lighter or darker than jeans.

The bright, extreme colors are suitable for leisure or sport.

White socks in business style are excluded, they are designed for sport.

Patterns, cartoon characters, labels are not suitable for business style. Allowed small pattern: moderate English checkwork, corporate logos, dots, etc.

Second rule. Materials.

Among the materials is preferable quality cotton with elastane content for better wearability.
Silk socks are worn only with the suit.

Comfortable combination are such as wool and cotton, silk and cotton. The legs will “breathe”.
Elastic band at the socks should not compress the leg.

Rule the third and subsequent ones.
The socks should be high. Bare legs should not be seen, even if a man sits with his legs crossed.
Socks can not bend and twist.
Bright socks can be worn only at home.
Socks should not be worn with shorts.
Socks should not be worn with sandals.

When buying socks, keep in mind that their size should closely match the size of the feet. In no case buy socks larger, even a little. Otherwise, they will begin to fidget on the leg, gather in the folds of unsightly and can cause irritation and blisters.

It is best to wash socks with soap: if washing with powder you will wash them badly, and socks will keep washing powder particles, it can cause a variety of skin diseases, especially in the summer.