Eateries, Cafes, And Bars In Washington, DC, USA


Washington offers a vast selection of types of food to the visitor, but like most American cities it’s a high concentration of fast-food establishments. Chains like McDonalds, Burger King, and Wendy’s serve exactly the same food world-wide and may be a reliable and popular source of sustenance for a household on the road. The hot dog sellers over the Mall offer an alternative.

Other than fast food, Washington’s cuisine is hugely multicultural, and you’ll find French, Chinese, Ethiopian, and Vietnamese eateries, among others. in the very inexpensive to the expensive in Washington. Costs vary according to place, cuisine, and dcor. Most restaurants take largest charge cards, although road vendors and fast food places may only accept cash. A 15 percent tip is expected for good service in restaurants; some places even recommend 20 percent.

The tip is infrequently automatically added to the invoice except in case of large parties, which may incur an automatic 15 percent gratuity.

Unlike many European cities, the fixed price meal is uncommon in Washington.

Things are often listed la carte unless set in the menu. Diners ought to be prepared to invest between $20 and $30 for dinner along with a beverage, including tip, at a reasonable eatery. Yet Indian, Ethiopian, Chinese, and Vietnamese eateries are generally substantially less costly. It’s also worth knowing you will generally be billed about 25 percent less for precisely the same meal if you eat at lunchtime as opposed to in the evening, so visitors on a budget may choose to consume their main meal at lunchtime. Breakfasts are often under $10 for bacon and eggs with coffee and juice, but many resorts add a free continental breakfast (rolls, coffee, and juice) in the expense of the space.


Bookings may be necessary for popular eateries; the most hip can get booked up weeks beforehand.

Call ahead if there’s somewhere you actually want to go. Nonetheless, walk in diners are expected in many places. You may be set on a waiting list and expected to return in the designated time or wait in the adjoining pub, but you’ll normally be ensured a table inside a fairly short time.


It is uncommon to get a restaurant to be open 24 hours, except for those in very large hotels. Eateries additionally scarcely serve food constantly through the entire day; they generally possess a break of many hours between lunch and dinner. Most restaurants are open all year (except Christmas Day) but a few may be closed on Sunday or Monday. It is best to call ahead of time. Restaurants regularly open for dinner between 5pm and 6pm, with the most active period usually between 7pm and 8pm. The final chairs is often at 9pm, and the last customers generally leave by 11pm. Pubs are open until 2am.

Keep in mind that Metro rail trains stop running at 2am on Friday and Saturday, and at midnight the remaining part of the week.