How to earn medals and diamonds in Forge of Empires

As we know, in Forge of Empires the diamonds are the bonus currency, bought for real money. However, there are several ways to earn them in the game. We’ll tell about them in this article (and also see how to gain medals).

As in many modern browser strategies, the game provides the referral reward of the players
for the invitation of friends and acquaintances. If they register in the game through your link (that can be found in the list of invitations), you’ll get 200 diamonds on your gaming account, if the player will reach the Stone Age. You can send the link in the message or just place it on your page on social networks.
The forge of empires cheat is very similar in its storyline and quest tasks to the popular fantasy strategy “Elvenar” from the German developer Inno Games.

The most affordable (and at the same time useful in customizing and gaining experience and rewards) in Forge of Empires is the completion of different quest, for which you can get the precious stones.
Below are the main quests whose performing will bring you the diamonds:

The first quest is in the Bronze Age. Completing the Jester’s task, we get 15 stones or a coin.
In the early Middle Ages you can start to perform the charity tasks, you get 25 after 3 completed quests.
In the High Middle Ages you can also get 25 diamonds after the completion of 3 Jester’s quests from the tradeswoman that will be happy to give you them to get rid of the annoying admirer.
In the Middle Ages you also need build or conquest five different resource buildings to get 25 stones.
If you build 25 dirt roads, you’ll get the same reward as in the previous task.
And if your troops conquer the province of Moravaria, you’ll get 25 stones.
If you have all the units of the High Middle Ages, the reward will be 25 diamonds.

These are all the game quests we know, that can bring you the bonus currency in Forge of Empire.

You can also get the diamonds by activating the code sent to your email inbox during the registration of your game. You must enter your email address in the received letter. If you can’t do it on the first try, contact the tech support. After the confirmation, 40 stones will be credited to your account.