How To Use a Table Saw

Before getting to work with the table saw, here are some safety measures you should know and keep in mind.

Avoid loose or baggy clothing while operating it.
Check the blade’s bolts and screws are tight.
Remove the blade covers and leave the splitter on the back of the blade at its place.
Make sure that the blade and the fence are square so your cutting line won’t go wrong.
Keep sensible low height of blade preferably same as the height of the board you are cutting as it more safe and prevents over friction and heating
Make sure all of your fences are tight and in place.
Look out for any knots or nails in your board before you starts.

Process of Using

The first thing you need to know how powerful and capable you Tablesaw’s motor is. You should use it accordingly, feel free to visit for full article. You can cut a board in rips which is to cut in from its length and you can also cut it from its width. To cut from its length make sure your fence is tight and right where it supposed to be helping keeping the piece of board in place while it’s being cut.

Start the motor on and let it run until it gets at its full speed once. It’s recommended that you should first take a rough piece of board and draw cut so you could know your blade and fence is in right height and place respectively.

The fence will help the board keeping it straight so you can get a straight cut and the splitter on the back of the blade will help keep cut line straight and prevents the board going left or right and jumping right back at you. You can use a pushing stick for pushing the board against the blade keeping your hands safe.

Now cutting it from its width is as easy as it is from the length, here comes the miter, gauge for cross cut (from width) which is very useful and a handy, comes with the tablesaw , you can use it or different angel cross cutting.

Set the miter gauge on the table and as advised, you can, take a piece of a board and you just need to screw it with the miter gauge at 90 degree angel for a straight cross cut and it will help you with cross cutting the board completely. There are also a lot different tools you can use easily cutting out the piece of your desire.


But it should be kept in mind that safety is first priority, anyone wants to operate a Tablesaw should have knowledge of using it as well as safety measure regarding it cause the blade rotates at very high speed and you have to push the wood logs against it with your bare hands so it need to be very carefully while working with it. Last but not least another benefit of a Tablesaw is that you can move or shift it to any place easily.