Large feet socks

Socks – an important thing of a man’s wardrobe

Socks must be combined either with shoes or with trousers, although a conservative point of view requires a combination of it with pants. Black socks are almost always win situation if you have on black shoes. Dark blue, dark gray, dark olive and brown socks fit to trousers / suit of appropriate color. Light gray, light olive and beige are not common colours, suitable only for light summer pants and brown shoes of not very dark tones. White socks are best avoided altogether.

Socks of very original colors have a low potential for compatibility, that’s why of their versatility tends to zero. Never combine large feet socks with bright and / or patterned shoes and / or bright and unusual trousers, otherwise your entire ensemble seems too motley and intrusive.

It is important to buy the socks of your size. Too big socks slip with feet and going into a kind of accordion, and too small are too stretched; as a result their service life is reduced. As a rule, it is sufficient to tell the seller your shoe size, and he will show you the appropriate size of socks. Socks “one size» it is not desirable to buy by the owners of very large or, conversely, small feet.

Socks differ not only in color, material and size, but also in length. There are ultra-short socks (probably the most common), to mid-calf or above the knee (over-the-calf socks). Socks above the knee – a good option for winter, and some people believe this format as the best; socks to mid-calf are most versatile, they do not allow your ankle to seem to outsiders.

Ultrashort socks are not visible of the shoes at all. They are wear usually with sneakers and other athletic shoes. These socks are more hygienic option than no socks. They can be found in an assortment of many sports brands.

I would like to mention the fact that it is often possible to do without socks; in some cases, socks are even unusual to wear. It primarily refers to the sandals and moccasins combined with jeans, and pants-chinos too. With moccasins and sneakers you should usually wear ultrashort socks as entirely without socks, frankly, is not very good – unhygienic.