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Dagashi Kashi: Anime vs Manga

Dagashi Kashi is a manga, written by the man under the pseudonym Kotoyama. Over the past six months there was a lot of fuss about manga. The novel with the same name was published in December 2015; in 2016 it was included in the list of mangas that deserve special, and since January the studio Feel (created by the former workers of Pierrot) starts to produce anime, based on this book.

The story takes place in a small city in the prefecture of Chiba (it is not stated in the manga, but clear from the schematic map), probably, about 100 km from Tokyo. The main character of manga, Kononotsu, is the son of the candy store owner and a single successor to his father. But the problem is that he doesn’t want to take over the family business. He wants to be mangaka. It turns out that Kononotsu’s father is a quite famous person business circles, therefore, the large candy company Shirade in Tokyo dreams about such worker. The company owner’s daughter is sent on the mission on recruitment of Kononotsu’s father, but he denied the request. The answer of the shop’s owner was plain and simple: “I’ll agree to work in Shirade, only if my son will agree to take over my shop. Now the task of Shirade Hotaru was clearer than ever, but we have yet to learn if it is easy or not…

Creating anime, the writers have done a great job, — manga is absolutely unsuitable for the full long story. Each chapter of “Dagashi Kashi” has about 10 pages, many conversations about sweets, good jokes. It is easy to read, but the author remembers the main story line only in one of the five chapters. It doesn’t take a genius to understand that the anime will be boring if you keep the original story line.

In terms of presenting the Latest Manga Release, you can rarely find such a bold project as “Dagashi Kashi”. Anime and manga are so different that it is better to consider both works as completely independent.