Lifehack for kitchen, invented by a genius

Nobody compares at the kitchen with a mother, mother’s food is the most delicious. How do women manage to cook dishes, the taste of which you remember all your life, trying a treat only once? It is precisely the real magic …

You have a chance to learn the tricks by which your skills in the kitchen will be second to none. Learn how to store vegetables and fruit correct, boil eggs and save foods from too quickly spoiling.

Ask if your mother knows these methods, the wisdom accumulated over the years by housewives are simply amazing!

Kitchen quirky life hacks

Slicing cheese, do not throw the severed part of the package. Use it to close the remaining cheese.

Brush the chicken eggs with vegetable oil before you put them away in the fridge. So they will be stored much longer!

It is uncomfortable to clean ginger, but this problem will go away if you try to use a teaspoon for cleaning.

Cut cake will not be stale if you put in the place of the cut pieces of bread and secure them with toothpicks. Instead delicious cake bread will become stale!

Do you need a couple of drops of lemon juice? Do not rush to cut a lemon! Pierce it with a toothpick and press down gently, a few drops of the juice will flow out immediately.

Lemon will be saved, a small hole can be close up with tape and remove the lemon in the refrigerator.

An ideal place for storage of onions and garlic is perforated paper bags.

Two months without mildew is guaranteed!

If you want the cut avocado is not blackened, sprinkle it with apple vinegar or stored together with a slice of onion.

Lettuce is best kept if you cover it in a paper bag before sending in the refrigerator.

Celery and broccoli necessarily be stored in the foil, it will prolong the shelf life.

Pineapples should be stored upside down, then they will become ripe and sweet.

Fresh berries will be not moldy, if you moisten them with a mild vinegar solution.

Potatoes will not sprout if you keep it with apples! Apples contain ethylene, which will prevent the emergence of germs.

Peanut butter is easier to get out of the banks, if banks are kept the upside.

Spine bunches of bananas wrapped with tape. They do not spoil for loner time!

Yellowing foliage is a valuable product, do not rush to throw it. Cut greens finely and mix with olive oil. Pour a mixture into molds for ice and send them to the freezer. Wonderful dressings for salad, sauces and soups!

Unripe bananas ripen well in the oven! Here is an idea … The main thing – do not overdo it with the time, keep them in a preheated oven for a few minutes.

Pushpin help you to clean the eggs effortlessly. Before cooking done a tiny hole in the shell, it ensures easy cleaning of boiled eggs!

Do not forget that the kitchen creative approach is very important to everything you do. Because cook and love you need only according to your own recipes.

Use these wise tips for successful culinary feats and do not be afraid of experiments!