Mini Water Glass Pipes

While the water pipe is designed for sharing, the mini-water pipe is the affordable alternative for those who may not wish to share their tobacco, or purchase one of the bigger pipes. As the name suggests, this is a traditional glass water pipe, but designed smaller for less use. A water pipe is designed as part chillum and part glass pipe, and provides a high level of quality smoke to the user. This glass water pipe is handmade, and they come in a number of different styles and colors. Because they are handmade, insure that your  water pipe will be totally unique. The water pipe is designed with a wide mouthpiece, so the smoke can be inhaled effectively, and a water chamber cools the smoke as it exits the pipe. This makes for a clean and cool smoke, coupled with the intensity that the wide mouthpiece allows.

Glass pipes are the absolute best devices for smoking. While wooden pipes are useful and make an excellent addition to all collections, there is just simply no beating a High Quality Glass Pipes. First, glass pipes are durable. They are made from quality glass, and can be handled without too much care. They look impressive, but they are also durable and last for a very long time. In addition, glass pipes are beautiful. They are all hand blown, and this means that they come in a variety of styles, and that your piece will be completely unique. There is no better way to add to a collection, or even begin a collection, than with a glass pipe. Glass pipes also provide the user with an incredible smoke.

A glass water pipe is the must have for any serious smoker. It just simply marks the centerpiece of a serious collection, and is impressive when taken out. If you are looking to make friends through the communal act of smoking, then a glass water pipe is the only right answer. It stores a lot of tobacco, but the water acts as a filter and creates a crisp cool smoke. The wide lip means that heavy smokers will get a lot of the smooth smoke, but the water tames it so that non heavy smokers can enjoy it as well. That is why it is perfect for sharing with friends.