Panasonic Manuals

LCD TV Panasonic VIERA TX-LR47WT50

The TV housing is fashionably thin— 27 mm according to the manufacturer data. The narrow frontal frame is made of aluminum alloy and covered with black scratch- . The TV matrix is just a few millimeters less than the area, limited by the frontal frame. The screen is dark and smooth, but the efficient anti-glare filter suppresses the reflections inside the screen. On the top and sides, the ends of the screen block are closed with the inserts of aluminum alloy with the smooth surface, and the shift from this insert to the rear panel is covered with the profile made of magnesium-aluminum alloy with the matt surface. The lower part of the screen ends with the patch of clear plastic with the displayed light-guide of status indicator (which is dull; it glows red in standby mode, green — during the work, and blinking, when the TV receives signals from the control panel), illuminated white (you can switch it off in the menu) logo and the IR-receiver of the remote control.

Apart from decorating, this transparent patch has another function— it serves as a part of acoustic system, transmitting sound to the viewer. The frontal loudspeakers of this TV consist of the 8 miniature flat radiators, whose sound go down through the narrow hole between the patch and the housing and are reflected to the front. The additional round loudspeaker on the back panel is responsible for the low frequencies.

The housing, covering the back panel, is made of a thin steel sheet and has a matt light-silver color coating. The interface connectors and plugs are located on the back panel. All plugs are focused in the plane of the screen and directed downwards or sideways. The management buttons are also located on the back panel, closer to the right end. Their use is facilitated by the clue, appearing on the screen right opposite the buttons (when you first press any button).

The set of interfaces in Panasonic Manuals is the same as that of the LCD TV Panasonic VIERA TX-LR42DT50. However, in the TVs of a series WT50, Bluetooth module is used not only for the work with the shutter glasses and a remote control VIERA Touch Pad Controller, but also for the connection of input devices (keyboard) and audio devices (such as the headphones), supporting the profile A2DP.

The in-built sound system transmits medium, high, and even the beginning of the low frequencies very well. It also has the stereo-effect.