Steelseries Sensei

This mouse is the only mouse on the list that doesnt belong to Razer or Logitech company. Even though Steelseries isnt as famous as these two companies, it has quality products. It produces keyboards, mice and other technology gadgets and they are pretty good at that.


The Sensei weighs about 102 grams so it is a lightweight mouse. is black on the sides and grey in the middle. Steelseries logo is at the end of the mouse and it can light different colors and you can change that. That same color lights under the scrool wheel. There is one more light and that shows you in which DPI mode are you on at the moment. On the bottom, there are 3 large feet for better and smoother gliding on the mousepad or any other surface.

Steelseries Sensei


The Steelseries Sensei has eight buttons, four on the both sides (2 on the left, 2 on the right), one scroll wheel, one below scroll wheel for managing DPI and two main buttons in the middle. You can customize your mouse between 1 and 11 00 DPI, whatever you like. This mouse feels sleek and moves rather good. It is very precise and accurate which is extremely important. The thumb buttons on the left side are very easy to reach, but those on the right side are more likely to miss. Software on this mouse is great it allows you to customize your mouse in many ways such as lighting and precision.