Stretching exercises

It is not a secret that stretching exercises are the important part of any workout. The main goal of such exercises is to lengthen your muscles gently before and after any exercises, and to improve elasticity. In other words you need such exercises to increase your flexibility lowering the risk of injury. For your own good is quite significant to stretch both before and after workout routine. Here are some tips and hints that you’d better follow during your stretching. First thing to do is to provide natural lubrication to your body to protect your joints. To do that simply rotate your wrists, roll the shoulders, bend arms, and so on (this is gradual exercises for the joints). Do not start stretching without warming up before. You won’t do much if your blood flow is not increased. Just as warm-ups it is obligatory to do cool-downs after each stretching exercise.

This slows down the heart, so you could continue with another exercise at a normal heart rate. Warming up should include meldonium for sale stretching exercises, which are slow and controlled. And cool down must have different static stretches, which relax the muscles and afford full range of motion. The bouncing during stretching exercises could be quite risky, unless it is a part of specific workout. To succeed in stretching always try to hold the stretch until you feel your muscles loosen off. And repeat the exercise in 20-30 seconds. If you have some doubts about making stretching exercises correctly – just listen to yourself. You obviously should feel some kind of discomfort, and that’s ok. If you do not feel a thing then you do something wrong. But do not overload with that. If the discomfort or the pain is severe you should stop immediately. The key to successful, efficient long time stretching exercises is not to hold your breath. On the contrary – breathing should be free, easy and regularly.

Now I will tell you about the most common stretching exercises for your body that work with your hamstrings, quads, calves, hips and others. The exact description of each stretch and full list of them you may find on exercises videos, in gyms, from the private fitness trainers or just surfing the internet. So hamstring stretches work on the muscles that are at the back of the thigh. The main goal is to extend the hip and flex your knee. Forearm stretching exercises involve your biceps and triceps muscles. It lowers the risk of injury to the arms. Abdominal and lower back stretching exercises, along with hip and thigh stretches attain overall flexibility of the body. There are also ankle stretches that help in relaxing hamstrings, stretching calf muscles and working on ankles. There are various stretching exercises for the trunk, the groin, the wrist, the spine in fact for all parts of the body.

Keep in mind that 3-4 times a week is good enough for stretching. Always exercise within your limits. If it is possible combine stretching exercises with strengthening exercises and do keep at it regularly. And remember – it is so easy to give up.