The Little Things You Do

Ever wonder what kinds of things you can do to help your relationship with a woman you’re really into?

There are lots of little things (often about the little things) and doing many of these will get the odds stacked in your favor. Some of these are about you, and some are easy to do and can go a long way.

Treating Her Like a Lady

Opening her door, getting her drink order, being attentive, paying attention to her during conversation and showing interest. These are all easy to do, and if you can’t do it well and look sincere (or better, be sincere) then there is no need to attempt faking it as you’ll be called on it.

Showing Her A Good Time

Taking her out to a great place to dine is always a small win, but even that can get old. Try something off the beaten path that’s still a good experience. It doesn’t have to always be a 5 star night out. Sometimes the best dates are the ones full of surprises and memories. Trying something new can be great, but a word to the wise, its better if you’ve given it a trial run with friends or business associates. Taking – kik usernames to a little bistro, and a night out learning to salsa, not that you’d salsa with your co-workers. But you might dine out with them, and discovering new places with them can take risk out of a date. Somewhere not to casual and not too fancy is often just right.

The Little Things

Running to the store when she’s out of something while preparing dinner for the two of you, or even if she just has a craving for something. It can go a long way if you show her she’s the only woman in the world for you when you two are together.

Like ignoring cell phone calls when possible. Yes, there can be some cell phone emergencies, and you’d simply need to excuse yourself while you take a call. Having her take precedence over your calls goes a long way.

It’s give and take, and that means you should be willing to go shopping with her one or two times a month without a fuss. This also gives you the opportunity to not notice other women while with her. This specific trait can make or break a relationship and should be practiced to perfection.

The thing to remember is that these are not peace offerings or something you do once, but actual traits you develop and practice. Doing so can help keep you in her good books and keep the relationship moving forward.