The use of polygraph

Many people seem polygraph as a magic device which is very difficult to cheat. It is used to easily identify who is in front of you – a criminal or a liar.

Of course, the stories about the device have numerous distortions that are created by journalists, in the first place. Many people see the process of working of the detector on the TV screen.

It shows two people: one is sitting on a special chair and wrapped with numerous wires, the other – located behind the polygraph and constantly asks questions examinee. After he is instantly rendered a verdict: guilty or innocent.

In fact, everything is not so. The device simply can not itself assess the guilt of the suspect, it just registers the brain’s response to various events. The use of a detector initially aimed at proving innocence of a person.

The reliability of the data is very high, this percentage is 95-98%. However, it should be noted that these indicators are directly dependent on the skill level of the polygraph, as well as its ability to correctly ask the necessary questions. If eventually the person confesses his guilt, then the test result is increased to 100%.

Sometimes there are situations when the instrument shows one thing, but feeling of a specialist point to the opposite. In such situations, just need to take a little break and then repeat the test if necessary, you can perform additional tests on

It should be understood that the detector test is not a quick process, as it seems from the outside. Sometimes it takes more than two hours per interview. Often a person needs some time for his own reassurance. It should also be understood that each person holds many secrets and not all of them need to work. It is necessary to explain to the person who came to check. Only then he will be able to calm down and he has no fear.

Many people are afraid to test the detector and it is justified reaction. But, in this situation, the fear is of two types: the first fear – the fear of an innocent man to be unjustly accused of any crime, the other – it is an attempt to control yourself, no matter what issue, in the case of the involvement of its various events. But people do not understand the fact that the end result is all the opposite result.