Types of Bean Bag Fill

One of the materials you will find in a bean bag is polystyrene beads. They are very light, cushiony, airy and have outstanding characteristics that help them resist compression. They adapt to your body shape and provide great comfort that bean bag chairs are known for- thanks to the material these beads are manufactured from and the methods in which they are made. 

Polystyrene Beads

The beads are made of Styrofoam, which is a brand name. To make this Styrofoam, plastics are blended with chemicals to produce a resin called EPS, which expands when heated. This EPS resin is heated enough to produce a pop that result in the creation of these Styrofoam beads. When heated further the resin forms little hard beads and becomes useless for filling the chair. 

Virgin vs. Recycled: The plastics that make Polystyrene beads can be new (virgin) or recycled.  Most importantly, one of the striking features about Styrofoam is that they allow for use of recycled plastics. For instance, when you recycle your beverage and soda bottles, they can be made into polystyrene beads. Overall, there is not a really big difference in the quality of polystyrene beads made from recycled or virgin plastics. If you are curious about the materials, you can always ask the supplier of the bean bags what kind of plastic the beads are a made of. 

Smashed or Uniform: When you are about to buy a bean bag chair, you will find that beads that fill up the materials come in two categories. These beads can either be smashed up and irregular size or uniform and solitary beads. This often raises issues of comfort and longevity with each side giving valid arguments to state their case. Some users say that having beads of varied sizes make for a more flexible chair that conforms to their body shapes while others say that having beads of uniform size is way better because they stand up for a longer time and compress less as well. In the end, it is a matter of personal preference really. 

Foam Filler

The latest bean bag chairs coming into the market have a filling of high-density foam that is not only comfortable but it also conforms to your body shape. It returns to its original shape when you get up. You can make great savings on bean bag made from this material because it can be compressed for shipping.  It is more structured when compared to its other counterparts since the foam material is flexible. You will also find hybrid chairs that incorporate both beads and foams. Think of it offering you two benefits at once.

Special Blend Of Polystyrene Beads And Premium Shredded Foam

Styrofoam or polystyrene is non-biodegradable and non-recyclable. If you are passionate about recycling and saving the environment, you can buy the bean bag whose filler material is made of recycled plastic. If you cannot find it at the particular moment, then you should go for pre consumer recycled products. Go for Baby bean bag chair that is smashed or uniform. It is important that you consider making an environmentally friendly bean bag purchase. Always ask the composition of the beads from the supplier.

Shredded foam is soft, flexible, long lasting foam made of space-age urethane. This means the bean bag chairs made out of this material retain their distinctive squishy feel for years to come. Chairs filled with this foam feature high quality covers with an incredibly soft quality material that is made of micro-suede.

Overall, there is a lot that has to be considered when you want a bean bag that will be worth your money. The types of beans and the composition of the filler material is a great place to start if you want to make savings, save the environment and make a fashion statement at the same time.