University Studies: Critical Thinking Skills

Problem solving is extremely important when it comes to life, but especially important when it comes to academic studies.  It can help you develop sufficient evidence in order to support your views and claims while aiding you in honestly and effectively analyzing any given situation. When participating in academic discussions, it’s important that you’re able to participate in these discussions in an organized manner. Prediction of the consequences of any particular action is also important in utilizing critical thinking skills. Finally, in problem solving, you need to be able to weigh alternative outcomes, generate and organize ideas, apply concepts and design and implement a plan of action.

Strategy to Effective Problem Solving

Identify the specific problem at hand.  You can’t effective problem solve or use critical thinking skills if you don’t have a clear understanding of root problem.  To do this, evaluate the current subject at hand in comparison to previous circumstances.  Look for creative options.  Analyzing the situation is the next step to effective problem solving.  To do this, thoroughly investigate the situation in order to learn everything possible about it.  Avoid concentrating on only the obvious points, instead looking beyond.  Talk to other people and compare varying opinions and thoughts.  The two magic words here are “BRAINSTORM” and “RESEARCH”. Consider possible solutions, discuss those solutions and make note of them.  Be specific and revisit earlier discarded notes if necessary.  It’s important that all possible solutions are visited here, no matter how silly or trite.  Narrow down possible solutions to a select few and evaluate the effectiveness of these solutions.  Both long-term and immediate results ought to be considered.

Pick a solution, while considering its compatibility with the specific situation, the amount of risk involved and whether or not the solution is practical.  Problem solving is a cognitive mental process, so it’s important to think out loud.  You can do this by talking to others, but also by talking out loud to yourself.  Sometimes, talking will produce pay someone to do your homework online than thinking internally.  If you have enough time, allow problems to remain in place, because more solutions may be evolve over time. 

Strategy to Effective Decision Making

Understand the process for identifying and evaluating choices.  Consider short and long-term outcomes when looking into decisions.

Consider alternatives (base this on the ease in which you can complete alternative tasks).

Look at negative effects of all possible outcomes. Consider whether or not there is any risk involved

Remain creative throughout the process.  Never eliminate creative options.